The maintenance method of wall paper of different material pledges, did not generalize again!

The maintenance of wall paper should divide capable person to pledge, 10 million usually do not want what capable person to pledge to employ a kind of method with a kind of method, incorrect clean method not only cannot possess the result that protects wall paper, return the interior construction that can break to improve wall paper instead, reduce the service existence of wall paper. Below small constitute expose the clean approach to wall structure paper of different materials pledges for everyone.

1. Glue wall structure paper
The top of glue face wall paper includes a thin PVC coating, when carrying out maintenance to keep clean relatively simple, can use pure water to swab first or the clean wet towel that will not have color is wiped gently wipe, if have got Original Wallpaper apparent besmirch to cannot clear again, choose neuter cleanness economy to attempt wiping after diluting.

2. Pure paper wallpaper
Pure paper wallpaper surface area without PVC coating security, can only use a sponge or colorless dry areas wet towel gently wipe wallpaper, and also to control the water is not an excessive amount of. If wall structure paper has apparent besmirch to be able to suit just but cleanness, cannot extreme hard wipe wall structure paper lest clean bad wall paper surface.

Flocking wallpaper
Flock flock wallpaper is brushed gently with feather duster at ordinary moments, perhaps dip in with cleaner or wool brush clean water is swabbed may. Smudge with a wring dry wet sponge with diluted washing fluid could be gently wiped.

4. Foaming wallpaper
Foaming wallpaper is soft, heavy, the top presents the concave and convex form that has flexibility or decorative pattern pattern, the proper execution is like anaglyph, wood grain to wait. Foaming wallpaper concave and convex surface area prospects to easy accumulation of dirt, should be cleaned regularly, so as not to affect the appearance of the overall 3-6 months to clean once, can be utilized in a vacuum cleaner or brush dipped in clean drinking water, pay attention not to water infiltration Mosaic.

5 fiber wallpaper
Fibrous wall paper is certainly some sort of regenerative wall paper, its material originates from the natural material such as tree, grass, bamboo, cannot undertake scrub so when cleaning, can use cleaner or feather duster to obvious dirt only.

The wallpaper is moldy? Case become warped? Crack? This article opens your wallpaper rescue plan!

Is it better to paint or to put up wallpaper for home decoration? In fact, they have their own advantages, but the pursuit of fashion, personality of the young people are more inclined to colorful, diverse styles, different styles of wallpaper, they and some fashionable furniture more versatile more harmonious.

However, beautiful wall paper metope if come a few mildew spot, become warped edge, can spoil the scenery greatly. This scenario is particularly common in the wet, rainy south. This article will pass reason analysis, answer countermeasure will analyse wall paper musty, warped edge comprehensively.

Reason one: everyday life

In daily life, hard objects impact, friction is easy to destroy wallpaper; The liquid such as water, beverage is spilt on wall paper carelessly go up easy cause wall paper moldy.

Answer a method: to already caused wall paper craze, rise become warped must seasonable allowance, avoid damage area to enlarge day by day. Accidentally pour the liquid on the wall, had better deal with immediately, wipe gently with dishcloth first, suck, purify clear water, reoccupy blower blows dry with the wind (do not use high-grade warm wind to blow).

Additional, in damp plum rain season, can place desiccant indoors (after active component is used up must change), appropriate dehumidification.

Reason 2: wall seepage, moldy

Wall paper grows mildew spot, a lot of times not be wall paper itself mildew, the wall body ooze water, be affected by damp, mildew place causes by wall paper back side however, the wall paper such as the wall paper such as hutch wei of balcony of the windowsill that touch water much, hutch is more likely to happen. This also is wall paper moldy fundamental reason.

Coping method: the hutch that USES water much defends, balcony to wait to must do basic waterproof layer; Before conventional metope sticks wallpaper in the shop, must besmear brushs quality good moistureproof, waterproof wall paper base film.

Reason 3: wallpaper adhesive

The shop of wall paper installs little not wall paper adhesive. And the mildew of wall paper, become warped edge, have many the disaster that glue agent causes namely. Current decorate a market to go up, many consumer are in the wallpaper adhesive such as glue of starch glue, glutinous rice glue will spread stick wallpaper.

Starch glue sticks wallpaper, often need to add glue to improve adhesion strength, glue in addition to formaldehyde and other toxic substances, when water reduction into non-sticky substances, easy to cause warping wallpaper; And sticky rice glue itself is easy to moldy in water, greatly increasing the Stone paper Wall paper probability of moldy wallpaper.

Answer a method: choose good wall paper adhesive, improve anticorrosive, mould-proof property, solve wall paper to become moldy effectively from the root, become warped edge.

Reason 4: paving construction problem

When the shop sticks wall paper construction, wall paper glue did not dry thoroughly blew “draught” or indoor, outside temperature difference is big, cause wall paper to become warped extremely easily edge, moisture, air is locked in wall paper at the same time, time is long, can bring mould spot.

Answer a method: the room that just shop installs wall paper, close door window first, let wall paper dry in the shade. About 3 days (see season, climate increases appropriately reduce time) hind, wipe the wallpaper glue that remains in place of juncture of wall paper with wet cloth. Additional, jiangnan area avoids as far as possible in plum rain season shop installs wallpaper.

The reason that wall paper becomes moldy comes down to include daily life, special repair decorates material, construction quality to wait for 3 kinds big. After the reason is made clear, believe everybody handles rise to be able to have a plan in one’s mind, break down one by one, resist wall paper mildew, roll become warped.