The wallpaper category is no longer stupid!

Wallpaper as a modern design must be less than the things, more and more by everyone’s attention. Obviously as wallpaper original is in ceaseless follow new generation, bring everyone more home environment choice, safe and healthy environmental safety, beautiful generous go up class! Applying modern medical and technological achievements, a series of new wallpapers have been developed successively:

PVC plastic wallpaper
It is a fresh decorative material predicated on paper, with polyvinyl chloride plastic material film as surface coating, through composite, printing, printing, embossing and other procedures. A couple of non-foaming common type, foam type etc. Its characteristic is beautiful, durable, have certain flexibility, crack strength, can make a variety of patterns and concave and convex grain, wealthy very strong sense of sense, still have the characteristic that strength is high, pull to resist draw, stay easily, after old also change easily, and the surface does not absorb water, can use towel to swab. Its disadvantage is permeability is poorer, time can get old steadily and pretty much produce side effect to human health. Plastic wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper that builds up rapidly and is trusted at present.

Cup fiber Non-Woven Wall paper printed wallpaper
It is predicated on cup fiber material, surface coated with wear – resistant resin, printed on color patterns and made. It really is characterized by bright colors, various designs and colors, no fading, maturing, fire avoidance, wear-resisting, simple building, convenient paste, and useful soap and drinking water washing.

Velvet wallpaper
Since it shows 3 d velvet feeling, to match the feeling of ambiance is exquisite, is particularly suitable for the soft outfit of the bedroom environment, when with bedding, drape, carpet harmonious collocation, show the visual aesthetic feeling and soft heat is difficult to do any kind of wall structure materials, at the same time as the velvet wallpaper sound-absorbing effect, make the bed room more calm and comfortable, so have consumer flocking sound-absorbing wallpaper is reported to be the most conducive to rest wallpaper it the reality!

Cotton wallpaper
It is manufactured from pure cotton simple towel after pretreatment, printing and coating. High strength, low static electricity, no light, sound absorption, non – harmful, tasteless, durable, beautiful and good color features. Connect with higher class bedroom adornment.

Fabric wallpaper
A new type of wall sticking material made of natural materials such as silk, wool, cotton and hemp through non-spinning molding, resin coating and color printing. It has a square, elastic, not easy to break, fibers aging, bright colors, paste convenient, and a certain permeability and moisture-proof, wear-resistant, not fade. But this kind of wall paper surface collects dust easily, rather than easy scrub.

Chemical substance fiber wall paper
It is predicated on chemical substance fiber, after certain treatment of printing. It gets the benefits of nontoxic, tasteless, breathable, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, non-stratified, etc.

Natural wallpaper
It is a new kind of interior decor material, which is constructed of paper and woven linen and lawn. It gets the advantages of fire retardant, sound-absorbing, breathable, dispersing moisture and non-deformation. This sort of wallpaper, have natural, primitive, the beauty of rough nature, rich and wealthy rural breath, provide a person to place oneself in the sensation of natural wilderness.

Paper based wallpapers
That is paper as a base material, with polymer emulsion coating, by printing, embossing and other processes made of a wall decoration materials. It gets the features of waterproof, anti-friction, good air permeability, wealthy and colourful designs and colors, and is convenient to use, easy to operate, short structure period, high efficiency and low priced. Connect with the metope adornment of average family.

Healthy environmental wallpaper
Select natural seed crude fiber, enhanced by scientific method. The top is flexible, sound insulation, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, gentle and comfortable. The biggest characteristic is avirulent, safe, do not have peculiar smell, permeability is good, and paper model is stable, can swab at any time, service life is higher than common wallpaper two times above. Appropriately, this kind of new-style wallpaper receives people’s respect increasingly more, think to make sure to become a time period adornment materials market “advocate melody”.

Hygroscopic wallpaper
Not long ago, Japan invented a kind of paper that can absorb wet, its surface is full of countless tiny pore, 1 square metre can absorb 100 milliliter drinking water. This is a perfect design for the wall of the washroom.

Insecticidal wallpaper
The United States has invented a wallpaper that kills insects. Insects such as flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches will be killed quickly if they touch it. The wallpaper can be scrubbed and it is not scared of water vapour and chemicals.

Tempering wallpaper
An area temperature control wallpaper has been developed in the united kingdom. It is made up of three layers. The interior layer against the wall is thermal insulation layer. This beautiful wallpaper automatically adjusts the inside temperature and helps to keep the environment pleasant.

Mouldproof wall paper
In homes that are hard to get sunlight, such as the north room, dressing room, bath room and some low dark rooms, the use of the Japanese developed preservative wallpaper can effectively prevent mold and moisture.

Heating the wallpaper
A kind of wall paper that can give off heat is developed successfully in England, this type of wall structure paper besmears have a coating of peculiar color finish, after electrification covering can transform electric energy into quantity of heat, distribute central heating, suit winter to stick to.

Only more understanding wallpaper, can better choose the good wallpaper that oneself needs!

How to strip old wallpaper? Give you a few small tricks!

Many owners have no idea how to cope with the older wallpaper in the wall when replacing the wallpaper; if you continue to paste fresh wallpaper on the previous wallpaper, the outdated and older wallpapers may fall off the beaten track together due to the moisture of the adhesive. The simplest way to do that is to strip the outdated wallpaper so that the wall structure covering sticks to the wall more firmly.
Here are some ways to uncover old wallpapers.
Peelable wallpaper
1. Pick out an inconspicuous corner at the top of the wall and utilize the suggestion of the utility knife to get the wallpaper.
2. Try to be near to the wall, pinch the part of the wallpaper, and make an effort to remove it from the wall structure. Strip the wallpaper in your direction, which makes it easier to take away the wallpaper. Whether it’s a peelable wallpaper, the wallpaper will detach from the wall structure as long as you are strenuous and moderate.
Cut and infiltrate
1. Use a computer program knife, razor blade or wallpaper scraper to slice the old wallpaper horizontally, each slit is about 20 or 25 cm apart.
2. Apply drinking water or wallpaper remover and wait around a few minutes for the wallpaper to completely saturate.
3. Repeat the same process on another wallpaper strip, then go back to the initial strip and re-wet it throughout with the formulation.
4. Begin stripping the wallpaper with a multi-purpose edging knife with a 8.9 cm wide, movable blade. Starting from a lower horizontal wallet, the blade is certainly placed under its upper advantage and the blade reaches an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal, and the sliding blade scrapes the wetted wallpaper. A wallpaper this is the same width as the squeegee will fall off the blade and roll onto the squeegee as the blade pushes down.
5. Continue steadily to push down before wallpaper can’t be peeled off. If the scraped wallpaper tape breaks, re-infiltrate this Classic Wallpaper region and begin to scrape another tape.
Steam method
It is not easy to peel from the lime aged wallpaper. You can rent a steam engine, nevertheless, you still need to make use of a wide-blade putty knife to scrape the majority of the wallpaper.
1. After the water is scorching, press the steam plate on the wall structure before wallpaper on the advantage of the steam plate becomes dark due to moisture. Start with a strip of paper and gradually peel off the wallpaper throughout.
2. After steaming half of the paper strip, make use of a nail or a utility knife to draw up the part of the very best of the wallpaper and tear off the wallpaper. If the wallpaper can’t be removed, it could be scraped off with a wall scraper. You may want to steam the same area twice or three times to loosen the adhesive for the longer weeks of the wallpaper.
For waterproof coatings, cleaning the wall structure paper glue with alcoholic beverages does not cause much damage to the wall. Instead, the volatilization of alcoholic beverages can minimize the harm to the wall. But one thing to note is that the concentration of alcohol should not be too high. In any other case, the volatility is certainly too big, and it is easy to make the white wall turn yellow or black. This is a very bad phenomenon.
This method uses physical friction. But because salt is certainly a white crystal, you don’t need to worry about the unusual color that the friction brings to the wall. Along the way of rubbing, you may use white gauze or fabric that can hold salt, pack a small packet of salt, carefully rub, slowly you will see that the glue remaining on the wall paper is slowly disappearing, and stuck in On the top of the fabric, you just want to rub and stop to remove the glue from the gauze. The next thing is not to be said.

Why are more and more people choosing to put up wallpaper

Of modern bedroom decorate, use wallpaper to undertake adornment already became trend, why should use wallpaper? There are a great number of practical reasons, such as for example “adding color sense”, “enhancing ornamental worth”, “conforming to development”, etc. Therefore let’s do that.

Reason one: increase colour sweet bedroom
The colour of wallpaper is gorgeous, rich simple sense, design could be attractive more, the adornment effect to the bedroom is very remarkable.

Especially a few imports wall paper brand is done even more elaborate for a long time, with master hand brushwork, originality gives a lot of excellent work, design for the bedroom, living room, dining-room, children room gives different style, led popular tide in bursts.

Reason 2: shades emit light for a long period
The lasting of color, can be our most easily concern normally, besmear is brushed the colour of Stone paper Wallpaper metope of brunet emulsioni paint, always more finite on time.

After a year or two, the chances of major changes are high. If use paper base ethylene film wallpaper, have more powerful oxidation level of resistance, color isn’t simple to fade.

Cause 3: cover dirty color will not show a trace
Can cover metope stain tag effectively, little however insufficient however elegant concern.

To the metope that’s not particularly level off, have okay crack even metope, wallpaper has quite cover ability.

Cause 4: wear-resistant and washable make use of period is long
In life, the benefits of wallpaper also appear on the scrub.

Wall paper and emulsioni color metope differ greatly, paper foundation ethylene film wall paper surface can have waterproof film, after dirty even now can use catharsis, soft wool brush to wait to completely clean, very convenient. And emulsioni paint wall, regardless of how have the ability to bear to clean once again, cannot clean with wet towel however.

Reason five: crack security wall beautification wall
Wall paper, there is definitely an important function, is certainly to protect the wall. The metope that besmears brushs emulsioni paint, can appear in 2 yrs left and correct sides commonly cracking circumstance, especially in north a few dried out city.

And the shop sticks wallpaper, can have very good protective impact to the wall structure, can appear the circumstance of metope crack unlikely, unless wall structure body whole is cracked.

Reason 6: easy to replace convenient and easy
Change color with the seasons, wallpaper could be easily completed! If have the theme of wall structure paper pattern that likes even more, update wallpaper to need to be opened up gently just original wall structure paper surface one horn, peel off, if paper base and wall are glued firm, new wall paper could be mounted directly on its.

Store is pasted also more respect, even if be 100 much square metre room, half of a day can make its look brand-new. At the same time, changing the wallpaper will not affect your regular residence.

Reason 7: not easy damage happy home
Children’s thoughts, specifically naive, family if there are children, do not worry. Wallpaper isn’t easy to be damaged, for the general effect and graffiti, not like general emulsioni paint wall surface easy to knock off your skin. Even in the wall structure graffiti, sticky adhesive, wallpaper wall isn’t afraid.

General waterborne color pen can be easily taken out, the adhesive is very simple to strip down. It really is easy to mend the wallpaper in the event that you break it by accident. You can constantly enjoy the remarkable atmosphere in the home!

How to identify the color difference of the wallpaper? ? ?

China’s standards
In China, the requirements for chromatic aberration are: superior products – zero color difference is allowed; first-class products – no obvious distinctions are allowed; qualified items – allow for differences, but usually do not influence the use. At the moment, domestic manufacturers except for a few manufacturers basically implement the standard of first-class products.
From a scientific perspective
Items without chromatic aberration cannot be produced, but only theoretically. Because the color of the wallpaper is not like paint or paint, it is produced up of monochrome, and the wallpaper is basically printed by multi-color, in fact it is all spot color printing, and each printed pattern is expressed in a section of the final product or It is a small amount of stars in all areas. Unlike paints or paints, the color difference meter can be utilized to measure its color difference, which may be represented by data. The existence of chromatic aberration can be absolute. It is a pseudoscience that does not recognize its presence, but it must be within the scope of reputation. The degree of acknowledgement varies and the results vary.
Light could cause color differences
According to experience, if the color difference of the wallpaper is certainly in the case of backlighting or sunlight, the difference in color due to the difference in light reflection of the wallpaper will end up being reflected. Therefore, in a solid light or direct sunlight environment, try to make use of a wallpaper with rich printed patterns. Because the reflection of the design will exceed the reflection of the chromatic aberration, the chromatic aberration can be well avoided.
Avoid chromatic aberration tips
Modern Style Wallcoverings Furthermore, if the plain wallpaper will not take light, you can use the method of turning the head to effectively avoid chromatic aberration. If different batches of wallpapers are found in the same area, you may use the same batch of wallpapers on different wall space to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Shaft collar

The shaft Fabric Wall covering collar is certainly a basic, yet essential, machine component found in many power transmitting applications, most especially motors and gearboxes. The collars are used as mechanical stops, locating parts, and bearing faces. The basic design lends itself to easy set up. Many people will end up being familiar with shaft collars through using Meccano.

1.Set mess style

  The initial mass-produced shaft collars were set mess collars and had been utilized primarily on line shafting in early making mills. These early shaft collars had been solid ring types, making use of square-head set screws that protruded from the collar. Protruding screws demonstrated to end up being a problem because they could capture on a worker’s clothes while revolving on a shaft, and draw them into the machinery.
  Shaft collars saw few improvements until 1910 through 1911, when William G. Allen and Howard Testosterone levels. Hallowell, Sr, working independently, introduced commercially viable hex socket mind arranged screws, and Hallowell copyrighted a shaft collar with this safety-style set screw. His protection arranged collar was quickly duplicated by others and became an market standard. The invention of the protection established collar was the beginning of the recessed-socket mess industry.
  Set mess collars are best utilized when the materials of the shaft is usually softer than the arranged screw. Regrettably, the established screw causes harm to the shaft – a flare-up of shaft material – which makes the collar harder to adapt or remove. It is certainly common to machine small houses onto the shaft at the set mess places to eliminate this problem.

2.Clamping style

  Clamp-style shaft collars are designed to resolve the problems linked with the set-screw collar. They come in one- and two-piece designs. Instead of sticking out into the shaft, the screws action to shrink the collar and locking mechanism it into place. The ease of use is taken care of with this style and there is certainly no shaft harm. Since the screws shrink the collar, a standard distribution of push can be imposed on the shaft, leading to a holding power that is definitely almost double that of set-screw collars.
  Although clamp-type collars function extremely well under relatively constant lots, shock a lot can trigger the collar to shift its placement on the shaft. This is certainly due to the extremely high pushes that can end up being produced by a relatively little mass during impact, compared to a statically or steadily applied insert. As an option for applications with this kind of loading, an undercut can become produced on the shaft and a clamp collar can be utilized to create a positive stop that is certainly more resistant to surprise loads.
  Perhaps the most innovative and useful of the collars is the two-piece clamping collar. Two-piece clamp-style shaft collars can become taken apart or set up in position without having to remove other components from the shaft. The two-piece style provides better clamping pressure than a single piece clamp because all of the drive is transferred straight into clamping the shaft. In solitary piece styles, the non-tightened aspect provides detrimental drive as it must keep the collar open up to enable it to end up being placed onto the shaft. The one tightener must function against this force as well as offer clamping drive of its very own.
  Two-screw clamps still provide power on two sides (one dimensions) just. Four (or even more) screw clamps offer drive on four (or more) sides, and therefore two proportions.

3.Axial clamps

  A further processing of shaft collars is certainly where a single bolt and nut surrounds the shaft. The bolt (external thread) can be has kerf slashes, producing fingers, which are compressed onto the shaft as a nut is normally stiffened over it. These are discovered on modern tripod legs and collets. If wrench-tightened, these can be extremely tight.

4.Drill collars

  In drilling, a drill collar includes a weighty tube above the exercise bit in a drill chain.

How do i not waste the wallpaper?

First gauge the size of the wall. Of course, I know what things to expect before building. Secondly, take away the original paint, wallpaper and other items on the wall. Measure the height from the very best of the wall to the baseboard and slice the wallpaper. Do not really use the wall elevation of the flower wall structure to cut about 10 cm, and use it for top and lower trimming. Brush the base film and evenly brush the base film on the wall with a moderate thickness. In order to ensure a firm paste, the back of the wallpaper and the wall structure should be glued, and the glue ought to be evenly applied.

Step 1: Measuring
First measure the size of the wall. Of course, I know what to expect before construction.
Step 2 2: Remove the wall skin
Remove the original color, wallpaper and other objects on the wall. If there are cracks or potholes on the wall structure, make use of gypsum powder to fill these places, and put a bandage on the toned; if there is a sand wall or a partition wall structure, it should be covered with glass cloth or a good cloth; some poor quality partition walls Or even to accomplish the insulation aftereffect of the outer wall structure, you have to be full of gypsum board.
Step 3 3: Crop wallpaper
Measure the height from the top of the wall structure to the baseboard and cut the wallpaper. Do not adjust the height of the wall based on the elevation of the wall by about 10 centimeters for the top and lower trimming; for the flower wallpaper, the symmetry of the design must be considered, it requirements a lot more than 10 cm, and the flower should be taken from the very best, and the program is lower and numbered. To be able to paste in order. In addition, the cut wallpaper generally must be immersed in water for ten minutes before it could be glued.

Step 4 4: Brush bottom film scraping
Brush the bottom film, evenly brush the bottom film on the wall structure surface area, the thickness is average; putty putty, sanding. Make two batches of putty on the wall. After the putty is definitely dried, sand the wall with sandpaper, rub the uneven particles to make the wall soft and flat; evenly color the wall surface area (cover color) with the base film, no need to be too heavy. This prevents the wall structure from absorbing the wallpaper glue, producing the wallpaper adhere to the wall surface area and producing the wall structure surface flatter.
Stage 5: Brush the glue
To be able to ensure a company paste, the back of the wallpaper and the wall should be glued. The glue ought to be evenly coated. It will not be wrapped or piled-up to prevent soiling. Glue the wall structure, the width should be 30 mm wider compared to the wallpaper. After the back of the wallpaper can be glued, the glue is certainly placed on the facial skin for 5 minutes, that may prevent the rubber surface area from drying out quickly and isn’t easily contaminated.

Step 6: Paste
The principle is to first vertical and horizontal, first up and down, first high and then low. When attaching the first sheet of paper, search for the reference series at the part of the corner, gently flatten it from top to bottom, from the center to the sides, and scrape it with a scraper to make the wallpaper and the wall stay. When attaching the next wallpaper, overlap the overlap with the first sheet of paper by 20 mm, divide the overlapping portion with a wallpaper knife, remove the remaining portion, and scrape with a Stone paper Wallpapers squeegee. It must be observed that the glue that’s squeezed from the wallpaper ought to be wiped clean with a wet towel with time in order to avoid yellowing of the wallpaper.

Shaft collar

The shaft collar is a simple, however essential, machine component found in many power transmitting applications, most particularly engines and gearboxes. The collars are utilized as mechanical halts, locating parts, and bearing faces. The basic style lends itself to easy installation. Many people will become familiar with shaft collars through using Meccano.

1.Set mess style

  The 1st mass-produced shaft collars had been arranged screw collars and were used primarily on line shafting in early developing mills. These early shaft collars had been solid band types, choosing square-head arranged screws that protruded from the collar. Protruding screws demonstrated to end up being a problem because they could catch on a worker’s clothing while rotating on a shaft, and draw them into the equipment.
  Base collars saw few improvements until 1910 through 1911, when William G. Allen and Howard T. Hallowell, Sr, working independently, released commercially viable hex socket head arranged screws, and Hallowell patented a shaft collar with this safety-style set screw. His basic safety set collar was shortly duplicated by others and became an industry regular. The invention of the safety established collar was the beginning of the recessed-socket mess industry.
  Set screw collars are best used when the materials of the shaft is usually softer than the established mess. Sadly, the established screw causes damage to the shaft – a flare-up of shaft materials – which makes the collar harder to modify or remove. It is certainly common to machine small flats onto the shaft at the arranged mess locations to remove this issue.

2.Clamping style

  Clamp-style shaft collars are designed to resolve the complications connected with the set-screw collar. They arrive in one- and two-piece styles. Instead of sticking out into the shaft, the screws act to compress the collar and lock it into place. The convenience of use is managed with this style and there can be no shaft damage. Since the screws Stone paper Wallpapers shrink the collar, a uniform distribution of force is certainly imposed on the shaft, leading to a holding power that is certainly nearly twice that of set-screw collars.
  Although clamp-type collars function extremely well under relatively continuous loads, shock tons can trigger the collar to shift its placement on the shaft. This is normally credited to the extremely high causes that can end up being produced by a fairly small mass during influence, compared to a statically or steadily used insert. As an choice for applications with this kind of loading, an undercut can become produced on the shaft and a clamp collar can be utilized to create a positive end that is more resistant to shock a good deal.
  Probably the most innovative and useful of the collars can be the two-piece clamping collar. Two-piece clamp-style shaft collars can end up being disassembled or installed in position without having to remove additional parts from the shaft. The two-piece style provides higher clamping power than a solitary piece clamp because all of the push can be moved directly into clamping the shaft. In solitary piece styles, the non-tightened part provides adverse push as it must keep the collar open to allow it to be positioned onto the shaft. The solitary tightener must function against this power as well as offer clamping power of its very own.
  Two-screw clamps still offer power on two sides (one dimensions) just. Four (or more) screw clamps offer pressure on four (or even more) sides, and therefore two proportions.

3.Axial clamps

  A further processing of shaft collars can be where a solitary bolt and nut encompases the shaft. The bolt (outdoor thread) is normally has kerf cuts, making fingers, which are compressed onto the shaft as a nut is certainly stiffened over it. These are found on modern tripod legs and collets. If wrench-tightened, these can become extremely limited.

4.Drill collars

  In drilling, a exercise collar consists of a large pipe above the drill little bit in a drill line.

The wallpaper matches well, and the home is too beautiful to describe

Wall paper and wall cloth have particular expressional force, through different materials qualitative, different style is designed, pass even different decorative design, can show different theme.

The texture that provides through wallpaper and simple sense, Classic Wallpapers deserve to move up appropriate furniture and adorn article, can create the atmosphere that gives oneself like. But when using must pay attention to the coordination, especially in the color and pattern choice and collocation must follow certain principles.

Let’s start with the wallpaper’s presentation:
Dividing line guide

1. Traditional plain or monochrome

White and monochrome are generally recommended colors. Because this kind of choice won’t be wrong commonly, also got better collocation, but this type of choice suits an area to disperse commonly or the wall structure beside stair, and the room with extreme irregular metope. If such place USES the wall structure paper that has design, regular meeting because metope isn’t coherent and concentrated, make the design of wallpaper cannot get best expression.

2 fresh pastoral dreams

The person that may master organic feeling most is European, European person is in wide rise now cane, hemp, bamboo, the regression agitation of grass. The recognition of European bucolic style is just like the spread of Chinese black walnut, but these two styles can’t be compared really, why? Simply look at it.

Hold key point: pure and refreshing rural often with florets and poor green will deduce, want to be light color only actually. For example blue, cream-colored, brown wait, add a bit of flower or fruit to be able to have so just a little style, the individual that likes pastoral style must be diligent nevertheless, basic and neat feeling requirements some real flowers and plants to add vigor.

Women love romance

Girls who have not developed always like pink, because it is the color of childhood; Mature female all like purple, that is clearly a woman permanently of nobility! But do not know, purple can be European noble color, who can reject again noble appeal? But pink and purple can also be very sensual.

Take notice: gray + purple, dark + light purple, pink + purple, cream + purple are beautiful, but 99% of men don’t like to sleep in purple bedrooms, so the challenge is to convince your lover. The big purple flower became the brand new color of the entire year in Europe.

4 clear sky

Seeing an excessive amount of the world, all of us are always looking to get our own land of peach blossoms. Let’s 1st create a pure sky. Here certainly can enable you to forget annoyance, expression method is the color of the very best color of color cards, light light to your center field!

Master key point: both light colors above the color cards are your optional range, dark color can only be used as an extremely few ornament, best is by using white as match color, will not be wrong again so, come back the more pure that may behave. Simultaneously, focus on the grayness of the color, and try to pick the color with low grayness and high lighting, because dark gray and gray are the destructive colors of this style.

5. Simple impression

Younger generation is finally leaving their nagging parents, who want to express themselves with the simplest lines and colors! In fact contracted is not simple, a “about” the term expressed the unique feeling! It is this feeling that doomed that wallpaper emotions! Don’t need too much speech, regardless of what color needs a little pure hold just, can deduce perfect contracted.

“Less is more” means “much less is more”. But this is in high-quality goods base, contracted design is bad, very easy become simple.

6 show extreme strength

Just like a cup of black coffee, extreme things are not easy to accept or be valued, but strong color as being a cup of black coffee brings you the brilliance of personality and pure feeling! The individual that drinks black coffee isn’t alone, use brunet person also is not haughty, powerful chocolate color can display savour distinctive and judgement distinguished. Of program brunet must deserve to proceed in a few high brightness color, otherwise collocation is poor can produce depressive, how exactly to deal with is a kind of aesthetic quality test really.

Hold key point: need to use contrast. Cannot use brunet in every around wall absolutely, actually if be home furniture to come to neutralize also proceed, unless want dimly effect, in any other case 3 depth +1 shallow or 3 shallow +1 depth expression hand legal meeting enables you to more satisfied. You might not dare to use it, however the dark blue feeling is very attractive, appropriate in an area in the house use dark, you will have a windfall.

7 linen texture

The easy sense of natural fabric gives people a warm and kind feeling, which is reserved and silent. Wide, massiness furniture matches this one style, if be used in the analysis, bedroom can create halcyon and soft atmosphere more!

Hold key point: what choose is normally mild cream-colored, gray wait for a color. Use a whole lot of deserve to do something the role of foil effect, dried flower and bamboo weave are essential.

8 elegant stripes

Stripe wallpaper is traditional design, generous, sedate. Use after can make the bedroom appears more shiny, and vertical bar can also let an area taller big.

Master key point: have to be the color of pure and clean quietly elegant, the ground and furniture have to be the same color department, in the home deserve to act the part of and the fabric that USES avoid excessive vertical bar style, had better choose and wallpaper unitive color division, otherwise a design inside the room is an excessive amount of can appear blended and disorderly.

Still have classic wind of program, day type, Chinese style, style Lin Lin constantly is total, have a little most key only, usually do not copy copy by copy, use the advantage of light and metope condition evade the defect in the home, your home can have distinguishing feature extremely certainly.

Wallpaper pk paint, scientific analysis tells you which is more environmentally friendly!

One of the most concerned issues for consumers whenever choosing decorative components, especially soft components that are intimately in touch with your body, is environmental security. The most commonly used coatings for wall decoration, in fact, mostly contain toxic substances. Therefore, when more customers in China decorate brand-new houses, they might rather choose wallpapers instead of paints. What are the specific advantages of wallpapers in terms of environmental protection relative to coatings? ? And see the following to know!
First, the composition of wallpaper and paint comparison
1, the main components of the wallpaper
The wallpaper is mainly made up of base paper, ink and accessories. There are three primary types of base paper: wallpaper base paper (paper bottom and pure paper), non-woven fabric, and underneath paper is normally obtained from natural plant fibers such as for example wood, cotton, and hemp.
Wallpaper accessories could be easily divided into rubber powder, wet glue and foundation film. Rubber powder and wet glue are modified starch processed from potato and corn, which can be degraded in nature. The main component of the wet glue is normally hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, which is a thickener in yoghurt, and the primary component of the bottom film can be an emulsion of styrene and Vinyl Wallcoverings acrylate polymerized in drinking water, namely styrene-acrylic emulsion, which is very environmentally friendly. An intermediate chemical.
2, the main elements of the paint
Coatings (also called latex paints) are mainly made up of four parts: base material, pigment, filler and auxiliary agent. The primary component of the bottom material is a styrene-acrylic emulsion; the inorganic pigment element contains oxides and salts of metals such as for example carbon dark, iron, zinc, chromium, cadmium and titanium, and the organic pigment is divided into azo pigments, lakes, copper titanium Classes, fused bands and organic macromolecular pigments; fillers primarily include titanium dioxide, kaolin, wollastonite, weighty calcium, light calcium and other powders; and additives mainly include wetting agents, dispersants, defoamers, Thickener bactericidal fungicide, whitening agent, etc.
Evaluation of wallpaper and paint composition Conclusion:
The chemical composition of the paint is very complex, and the raw materials for the wallpaper are mostly from plants. All wallpaper factories possess drying processes and plasticizer cooling recovery gadgets in the production process. VOCs are dried and recycled before leaving the factory. When the color is used, it is still a liquid, and the volatile matter is definitely volatilized at the utilization site–home, which harms consumers, so the wallpaper is even more environmentally friendly.
Second, the effect on health
1. The paint is seriously dangerous, and the national heavy tax control
In early 2015, the state decided to impose a 4% consumption tax on color. In 10 provinces such as for example Shanghai and Jiangsu, officially released a VOC (carcinogenic volatile matter) sewage costs, it’s been proved that the color has real harm to the atmospheric environment and human health.
2, carcinogen VOC and APEO!
VOC identifies volatile organic compounds, which are the way to obtain environmental pollution, damage the mind and nervous system, and are also critical indicators in the forming of smog. The nationwide mandatory standard includes a optimum VOC limit of 120 g/L for water-based interior wall coatings, but VOC will volatilize indoors during building and drying. In 2014, the Shanghai Quality Guidance Bureau executed quality inspections on the circulating wallpapers available. The content of VOCs in the wallpapers was not more than 10 mg/kg. In a nutshell, the VOC articles of latex paints is nearly 12,000 moments that of wallpapers!
APEO is an abbreviation for alkylphenol ethoxylates and is a widely used nonionic surfactant. APEO is challenging to degrade and offers carcinogenic and feminine effects on the body. The two primary indicators for screening the spotted coating products are VOC and APEO. Therefore, weighed against the imported high-end green wallpaper with high security, the coating is harmful to body on carcinogens. Big.
3. The damage of formaldehyde!
The overall coating contains formaldehyde and has a strong irritating taste. As a result, the paint construction grasp must wear a mask to prevent inhalation of extreme formaldehyde and poison; while the general wallpaper structure master doesn’t need to put on a mask to handle the task of posting wallpaper, specifically imported high-end wallpaper. With world-class RAL quality qualification, formaldehyde is not detected, and the screening standard is 30 situations stricter than the national standard!

Good wallpaper, that’s it

Wallpaper, consequently of beautiful, easy do, end up being able to carry dirty wait for a range of benefit, it is the first selection of a great deal of family members when decorating. Nevertheless, selecting picture offers become a headache for many people. The product on the market can be blended, the cost also varies greatly. Consumers need high cost overall performance items, but get worried about buying poor quality products, 3D Wallpapers costly items perform not know where you are.
First of all, great picture color is also, won’t have chromatic aberration and infiltration, blurry trend to wait, normally design is clearer the better.
Up coming, inferior wallpaper USES cheap raw materials generally, not only have got harm to human body wellness, and can possess peculiar smell; Great wallpapers provides no smell.

Good wall paper wear-resisting is certainly good also, may use pencil to draw on paper a few pictures, reoccupy eraser, general high-grade wall paper, although the surface has concave and convex grain, also very easy wipe clean, if be substandard wall paper conversely, very easy wipe is definitely broken or wipe not clean.
The experience and flexibility of the hand also reflect the quality of a great wallpaper. Generally the softer and even more comfy the hand, the better the quality and the more versatile. In the case of indoor environment adjustments, such as heat range sudden rise/sudden drop, not really breaking, deformation, through bones.

In fact according to category, wallpaper also has a lot of very good categories, for example long good wallpaper, texture is more apparent, tactility is more solid, have design feeling more than common nonwoven cloth. Take the long fiber products of a well-known manufacturer of wallpapers in northern European countries as an example. The long dietary fiber non-woven picture produced by this firm provides been sticking to its consistent healthful, natural and real quality, with brilliant patterns, little color difference, high sturdiness and a fuller feel than ordinary items.

Customers are not hard to feel, great wallpaper in quality, function, consistency on excellent performance.
In addition, genuine and pollution-free is also a main feature of good wallpaper. Everybody knows, substandard wallpapers transmits out formaldehyde to wait for a materials, have got a variety of damage to human body. Worse still, second-rate wallpapers although pollution is normally critical, but can have distinct smell necessarily. People live calendar year after year without awareness in contaminated air, damaging their health. Specifically the aging population and kids who spend even more period at home, are more seriously damaged, but their level of resistance is usually extremely weakened.
Great wallpaper manufacturers will strictly control the production process to make sure that the raw materials used do not pollute during the production process. Especially the nonwoven picture in this element to perform better, protect the wellness of the family members.